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Princess diaries and more fun
There was speculation about why the foolishness around the British royals got so silly, one would guess they were covering up something. Some apparently thought the latest booster got her, whether the way the princess of Thailand got it or maybe it was permanent and the Brit princess had actually assumed room temperature. I figured in that case they would have gotten it out the way with some sort of accident since she wouldn't be coming back.
Turns out she has cancer. Didn't some one else come down with it? Oh yeah, the king dude. One does wonder though why the British royals weren't clued in and took the saline jab the way the important people elsewhere did. Could it be they're pretty much irrelevant to the cabal so why not?
Anyway the tabloids have plenty of material for a while. I wonder if the royal Epstein pal will get it.

The US branch of the cabal is getting pretty bold. Blowing away an old fat cripple in Utah probably wasn't noticed by many outside the ones that pay attention to such things. This time it's a businessman in a suit and nice house and exec at the Slick Willie airport. Is this the notice that they'll kill anyone they please anytime anywhere and what are you going to do about it?

Tranny murders continue. I don't see the payoff here, sometimes one does shoot up a school or something but they can get that done with regular kids by shoving psychopharmaceuticals into them. If I had to guess it would be these kids are just the natural result of having their minds twisted and the additional drugs on top of the psychotropics.

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House Dem blames Republicans in wake of viral video of migrants storming US border in Texas
More than 100 illegal migrants were seen on a viral video bursting through razor wire and surging in El Paso, Texas, on
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Theoretically the entire population of the world could stand in the state of Texas, allowing each about 1x2 feet. It should be possible to build internment camps to contain all the illegals now here and arriving before President Trump takes office next January, even giving each one enough space to lie down. Texas should be paid for keeping them until they go back where they came from or die of natural causes, whatever.
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4 minutes ago
Too hilarious to be made up. Wonder how the low brain activity keeps these types alive. Reply 凸中
7 minutes ago
Executive Order to open the border, executive order to close it. Cost to do so the time to issue the EO. (Edited)
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