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Thu 28 Mar 2024 06:28:56 PM CDT

Goodbye Joe
Some Joes no one would miss, even their masters moving on to the next tool waiting in the wings. Lieberman was probably the last decent dim if in fact there have ever been any. My impression was that he was a nice guy in a business with no place for nice guys. He never seemed to realize or accept the extent of his party' descent into evil. His acceptance of the VP position on Algore's campaign could be seen as nothing more than ambition of a naive belief that in that position he could 'make a positive difference'. I suspect naivete. Luckily Algore narrowly lost, too narrowly for some of us as he nearly succeeded in overturning the election through the Florida shenanigans.
Successfully challenged in the 2006 primary he ran as an independent and won with support from Republicans. Electing a Republican in Connecticut was impossible so some Republicans voted for Lieberman as the lesser of two evils. A democrat elected as an independent still acts like a democrat and a Republican elected as an independent acts like a democrat so nothing changed. His only virtue was supporting Israel and that was pretty easy to do then. Whether he would be trying to destroy Israel as Schemer is I would guess not but he might well be going along with the efforts to prevent the Israelis from winning the current war. I would like to think not. It seems at least possible that a lot of American Jews will abandon the democrats, but whether enough to make a difference seems unlikely.
At the time of his death he had stated that the No Labels party of which he was a founding member should not field a candidate if it seemed likely to help Trump. He would support the destroyers of the Republic to the end and work to defeat what might be its last hope, but still I suspect naivete more than malice.

Perhaps Plandemic 2.0 won't happen. Perhaps a series of infrastructure failures will keep the economy in the tank, allow for massive spending to fix the infrastructure again, and lockdowns can be prompted by terrorist threats. Having nationwide lockdowns as with 'covid' may be difficult but transportation can be shut down occasionally, like stopping air traffic as on 9-11. Shortages can be manufactured, shipping interrupted donchaknow. The incidents can be managed to occur at strategic times and places. If some freelancers get inn on the act so much the better.

Latest cop killed NYC, 31 years old, leaves a wife and year-old son. The family invited President Trump to his wake. Joetato Xiden was in NYC too, with Slick Willie and Ovomit, raising 25 million in campaign contributions. Seems to me the cabal is very worried. With RFKjr about to get in and likely to take even less from Trump than ever their situation gets interesting. Do they whack JFK before the election and deal with Trump later, counting on a dim House to refuse to certify the vote? That seems risky. What are Plans C and D?

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Biden's surprise campaign boost has changed 2024 race
Election 2024 changed after Biden's speech. Polls and fundraising both agree
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Trump is attending the wake of a police officer murdered by the human debris left on the streets by dims. Joetato is fundraising in NYC, reaping millions with the help of S()ick Willie and Ovomit.
BTW Trump was invited by the family of the murdered police officer. There's your choices for another four years.
5 minutes ago
Many believe his failed economy and the ugly open border mess will doom any re-election plan he has and will lose in a landslide. Can't wait for all of them to clean out their desks and head for the unemployment office, including the diminutive terrible spokesperson.
6 minutes ago
Americans know better. There's absolutely nothing he can do to fix his epic failures.
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7 minutes ago
Delude on Jessica! No doubt you've made the Murdoch's, Paul Ryan, and the rest of the TDS crowd at Fox News proud!
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