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Sun 31 Mar 2024 11:56:04 AM CDT

NeppusFaxtusLemmos over on Tormants commented on the latest desecration of a Christian holiday. He's right about what is going on, whether the final eruption looks like the French Revolution or something else is hard to say at this point. Probably more developments in the months before the election that will determine which direction the country goes. A Trump victory backed by even slim majorities in both houses (a half dozen would be slim in the Senate given the turncoats like Liar Murkowski who would happily pull a Jumpin' Jim if there is only a one or two vote margin. Trump in charge would stop the bleeding, whether the debt bomb can ever be dealty with is another question. It doesn't look good.
That pic of Slick Willie, Ovomit and Joetato yukking it up while civilized society was mourning the death of yet another police office killed by the debris they imported makes me wonder if French Revolution 2.0 is in the near future. Completely oblivious to the bubbles rising from the bottom of the pot, until it erupts in a full boil. And it NEVER occurs to them to turn down the heat. They believe they have it all now and it's just a matter of mopping up the dissidents. The millions who won't go quietly are much better armed than the mobs in France and outnumber the army by about 30 to 1.

Whether Diddy is about to have his membership revoked remains to be seen. No doubt there is plenty there if the plan is to Epstein him, it should be easy to get him arrested and locked up. Unless he flees. Or he many be merely a warning to other creations not go get out of line, or to fulfill their end of the deal. The Boeing whistleblower hit showed that the cabal has absolutely no fear. As Hyp observed more than once, is beginning to look like a dangerous animal brought to bay - cornered, wounded, and terrified. A cornered enemy is dangerous, a wounded one doubly so if it still has the strength to fight.

Saddam Hussein lit up Kuwait as he fled. Clown World will do something similar if it has the ability. A Trump presidency would likely put off an actual civil war for another four years. What would follow depends on any number of things, but a powerful resistance force within the US would go a long way towards saving this five percent of humanity.

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Sean 'Diddy' Combs' luxury yacht draws comparisons to Epstein Island amid sex trafficking probe
HSI acknowledges sex trafficking probe, but Diddy has not been charged
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Politicians are warned by their advisers not to believe their press releases. Same goes for these creations, who begin to believe that they are what is portrayed in the 'news'. People plucked out of the pool - whether the ghetto or suburban middle class - and with investment of millions of dollars and thousands of personnel (content creators, writers, musicians, hair/makeup/wardrobe,
marketing research, payola and other tricks) turned into the next big thing. Think about the past year leading up to the Super Bowl.
If the product (the 'star') doesn't toe the line and do what is demanded or becomes too independent it can all be taken away just like that. This is likely in part a warning to other recent creations.
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It doesn't matter how far up the social ladder some people climb...they just can't out climb who they really are.
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With the Feds in charge, what could go wrong

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