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Sun 07 Apr 2024 08:00:40 PM CDT

Eclipse day

I believe I'll stay inside and watch it on TV. It looks like I'm just on the edge of the totality area anyway. And it's likely to be cloudy. Okey-dokey.
The muslims in this country are pretty bold these days. While they theaten to not vote for Joetato I can't see that happening. They're even solider than the black vote and being smaller is irrelevant. They'll make sure Michigan and Minnesota stay in the dim column. Losing Jewish votes will likewise have little impact unless a race is extremely close and muslims are concentrated in just those few states. Perhaps two or three swing states have a Jewish population large enough to make a difference if a lot of them defect.

In any case a Trump win with only two or three states worth of electoral votes will face vicious opposition to him ever being declared the winner. And if he does assume the office it's going to be bad situation.

Airplanes are still falling apart. Boeings of course. Well, some Airbuses but this is about Boeing not DEI BTW, Didn't Earn It is one of the best ever destructions of a wokeism. Burn Loot Murder was good but this one nails it down good.
Boeing screwed up big time on the 737 Max deal. They shouldn't have left any opening for criticism and that opened the door to everything else. The fact is these incidents are not the fault of Boeing but the sloppy operation of some airlines. But the actual cause is not to be discussed.

No recent developments in the horrendous hate crime in Idaho. I just wish the actual hate crimes would stop

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WWIII could start over Philippines dispute in South China Sea, China 'not respecting' treaties, expert says
China has harassed the Philippines over disputed fishing shoals and territory in the South China Sea
H hyperyme 17 seconds ago WWIII is coming. Not because of China and Russia but because the US/NATO cabal sees their control slipping away. A Trump administration would forestall it for the short term but a successor in the same mold would be required to prevent an immediate return to the present situation. If he wins he needs to lock up a lot of people and fast. Then read the riot act to Europe, and China and Russia will relax as they are acting from fear of what Clown World will do when it is both cornered and wounded. Reply a Y Share
Ft redwavelol 1 minute ago Trump is teaching Barron how to fake crippling Vietnamese bone spurs in case there is a draft. Reply a - Share
facefax 2 minutes ago Why is Fox News and the establishment pushing WWIII? Why are they pushing for war with Russia? Why did they fire Tucker?
Better wake up. Reply a co Share
jester969 2 minutes ago It's too bad that the Secret Service no longer carries the nuclear football briefcase with them when Biden travels. What they carry now is the Big Guys diaper bag. Reply ifr 1 *, Share

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