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Thu 11 Apr 2024 10:36:22 PM CDT

At last

OJ Simpson has assumed room temperature. What his temperature is at this time is unknown but the world is a little cleaner. In thirty years a lot of people have died in a world tainted by his presence and many of the people commenting on it were not born then. I'm one of those that remembers the Bronco chase. I knew then that promoting people to high levels of society solely because of some attribute, particularly athletic ability, is not a good idea. Even then being a successful professional athlete could get you into a world that was unattainable on your own merit. He wasn't smart enough to start a business or write best-sellers, all he could do was run fast.

He wasn't very bright and it showed, but he was tolerated until he brutally and bloodily murdered the white wife he had often beaten, and was considered affable and gregarious. Easy enough to do when you're rich and famous and surrounded by sycophants. But the animal came out one day and that was all for the ex and the poor guy that was with her.

The Rodney King affair no doubt contributed to his handy acquittal (the clown show of a prosecution helped a lot) but a conviction was never likely, or at least I didn't expect one. A hung jury maybe, possibly a conviction at another trial. But as one white juror after another was removed from the jury it became apparent that he would walk. Supposedly the jury had one white and one mixed-race member but I never saw the white one. Anyway, assuming the white juror had good sense he/she wasn't going to be the one guilty vote. Neppus said:

I watched that circus knowing how it would end. The black power salute by the juror didn't even surprise me. The hatred of white people is a cancer destroying the black population. You don't see Asian or Hispanic hatred like this. The news and entertainment media is responsible for much of it, but black agitators like Sharpton and Jackson deliberately exploit their own people for their own enrichment.

Same here, it was no surprise to me when he skated. His behavior afterwards seems to me as much his low intelligence as low character, but I was surprised when he committed another crime (not killing anyone this time) and went to prison.

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OJ Simpson dead at 76, family says
Orenthal James Simpson played in the NFL for 11 seasons, primarily with the Buffalo Bills
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I noticed the X-formerly-known-as-Twitter-now-known-as-X account only allows replies from their own fan club.
For every action there is a reaction, for every good an evil, for every strength a weakness, and for every injustice there is somewhere a final justice. ~ Mack Bolan
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Good day for the families of those people he murdered.
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Murderer who got away with it
3 minutes ago
O.J. the original black privilege.
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