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Wed 17 Apr 2024 07:41:51 PM CDT : 1713400911

OJ is still dead

Whether at room temperature or not depends on... nevermind. Speaking of rigged trials the first of Mr. Trump's (courtroom) trials began, or is beginning. A half dozen or so jurors have been seated. It's difficult to tell from the answers they gave, a couple claiming their sources are both legitimate news (Fox News, NY Post) and commie (MSLSD, NY Slimes) which smells of someone trying too hard to appear reasonable. Which could be trouble if they are commie tools (in Manhattan? say it ain't so.) or they could be some of the few honest people who are playing a game some have suggested - do whatever is necessary to get on the jury and refuse to convict. I know the commies will do it, but will a righteous man do so?

My only worry is that if a good guy or gal does get on they may be removed during the trial or even during deliberations and replaced with an more reliable alternate. I wouldn't put it past them. In any case it would be beyond hilarious if there is a mistrial (an acquittal is obviously not going to happen) and Trump is beyond the grasp of Fat Alvin until well after the election. I guess it could happen, weird as everything else has been.

Karma sometimes takes a while but usually finds its mark. The senator herself going to the morgue would be more satisfying but one of her minions will do for now. He was guilty of everything she is guilty of, officially anyway. Maybe she tortures kittens in the privacy of her penthouse and her staff don't know, in which case they're off the hook for that. At least this time it wasn't an innocent citizen that died.

For some reason Fox had this up today. Today is not 19 July but OK, reminds us that the Swimmer was a low-life right out of the gate. He actually had the nerve to make noises about running for prez back in 1980 but couldn't even get any traction against - at the time - the worst president since LBJ, though Carter and LBJ would be eclipsed in the corruption department by Slick Willie and Ovomit. Wonder how Teddy and Ginsburg are getting on down there. OJ may drop by and say hello.

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Trump says criminal trial is having a 'reverse effect, as he campaigns at New York bodega, vows to save city
Trump says Democrats 'want to keep me off the campaign trail'
12 minutes ago
God-willing, Mr. Trump will soon be President. Let's hope ..... let's pray..... fervently. AAAA
27 seconds ago
The mass arrests will be fun to watch. Especially the 'news' media clowns dragged out of bed in their
underwear, no makeup.
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14 minutes ago
I don't think anyone is under the illusion that this is going to keep him from campaigning.
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12 minutes ago
He will just bring his campaign to the courthouse.
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10 minutes ago
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5 minutes ago
Replying to HarryBeaver1
And nothing. He'll keep campaigning from the courthouse. He's no dummy.

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