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The anniversary gets less press with each passing year. Considering that it's been almost thirty years that's not surprising. Occasionally a news outlet mentions Richard Snell. Snell was an odd bird as were the CAS types he hung out with. I followed their activities and was familiar with his case. What is not in the official accounts is that he had been harassed constantly (house repeatedly trashed by police who had search warrants but never found anything incriminating and engaged in gratuitous damage) and likely resisted the hapless state trooper because he either feared that he was about to be killed or finally just blew a fuse. In any case none of it needed to happen. More interesting is that Snell's execution was on the anniversary of the OKC affair.

The fact that the official narrative was debunked six ways from Sunday didn't bother the regime even then and these days they don't even try to construct a semi-plausible narrative. As joeygallows said:

Whatever else he did McVeigh violated the laws of physics and that can not be tolerated.

I don't know if joey is referring to the basics - that the bomb as described couldn't have done the damage - or the Pauli exclusion principle. Or both. I'm aware of the story about the guy who was following McVeigh (believed to be working for the feds) who photographed him a couple dozen miles away at the time the truck was being parked. According to the story he was in front of a bank branch with one of those fancy clocks that showed date and time simultaneously. If the pics I've never seen them, and these days they would be dismissed as Photoshopped even though the PI said he used a 35mm analog camera. Still you'd need the actual negatives and even then few people would care.

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Biden faces harsh criticism from Pennsylvania businesses, ex-union Democrat: 'I pray to God' he loses
Tony Milidantri said he believes Trump has the 'formula' to 'bring the country back in line'
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Most union members should be able to see that they are killing the goose that provides the golden eggs but most are too greedy to give up the eggs while they are available. Now the goose is in its death throes and still many hope it will emit a few more eggs but the bird is approaching room temperature. Reply. Share
4 minutes ago
Federal Law enforcement will surround conservative polling places to keep us from voting. Force is the only thing they have left.
6 minutes ago
Biden cut US oil production last week. Get ready for higher gas prices.
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