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Odds and sods

Of course the Secret Service is DEI-compliant. The state-run media doesn't give any details beyond the sex, excuse me gender, of the problem. Apparently that got out right away but it is still referred to with they/their pronouns. My guess the SS is the last resort in case Trump does get elected to soundly they can't overturn it. Hopefully if he makes it that far it's meant to be and an inside assassination attempt will fail.

OK, the kangaroos are back at it after a day off. What's a good term to describe the low-IQ tools like Fat Alvin, Fat Fanny and Leteesha-something that do the work of the regime? Troglodytes would be insulting to trogs, they're more like Sauron's orcs but orcs had more ethics. I think, lessee. Anyway comparing these scum to orcs seems unfair to the orcs. Anyway Lateesha is wanting the judge to lock Trump up. Some dims have realized that creating a Donald Mandela would doom an already failed campaign but blind unreasoning hate can not.... um, be reasoned with. It would be hilarious, Trump might even want to take an orange jumpsuit to court with him and offer it to the judge. The judge may be the worse as the others are acting on hatred for white people as much as Trump - he is an object of their hate but for now a willing tool. For now the judge will probably just pontificate and threaten but you never know.

One of Harvey Weinstein's convictions has been overturned. Not that it matters much as he remains imprisoned on another conviction so unlike Cosby he will remain incarcerated. Not that I have any doubt about the guilt of either but the convictions in both cases were pretty dodgy given the time, the feeding frenzy once both were designated as permissible targets and the opportunistic motives of some of the accusers. I used to think that Cosby's refusal to be a mouthpiece for the left was the reason he was heaved over the side but Weinstein was a good tool so perhaps he had outlived his usefulness or made the wrong enemies. Or both. Whether Stalin or the Mafia or American communists they gleefully cannibalize their weaker comrades.

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0 Coban Porter sentenced in fatal DUI crash days after brother's lifetime NBA ban for gambling
Their other brother, Michael, will begin the NBA playoffs Saturday
H hypcryme Just Now Katharina Rothman, 42, a mother of a five-year-old boy, was killed early Sunday morning when she was hit by a driver (Coban Porter) who ran a stop sign going 50 mph in a 25 mph zone. White victim, black privileged perp. Reply Share
j jerseydave 33 minutes ago So both will be back to their previous lives in about a year or two? Reply a 1 *i, Share
p puterdude 1 hour ago If only we could fix the systemic racism thing this would still happen Reply ifr 1 *,:, Share
E Ernie-up-North 2 hours ago Seems like a nice black family 4 Reply ifr 1 +i? Share

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