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Thu 02 May 2024 10:54:04 AM CDT : 1714665244

Summer of Love 2.0?

Or was that 2020 ? It's pretty much the same bunch and the same paymasters, but they may be trying to herd cats here. The muslims themselves (not the Rent-a-Riot types doing most of the work) thoroughly hate Israel and hate the U.S. almost as much so independent actors may toss a wrench into the works. As NeppusFaxtus observed:

The paid help that did the BLM/Antifa stuff are at least going to do what they're paid to do. We haven't seen as much of the Aloha Snackbar rampages that the UK and other parts of Europe are seeing but there are a lot of crazy muslims out there and some cells that have already been arrested were definitely preparing to carry out some kind of mass casualty event. Think Boston Marathon. Whether any will occur in the next few months remains to be seen.

There may be more than one October Surprise. Whatever the regime has planned plus potential muslim attacks and completely organic incidents. None of it looks good for keeping Joetato in place and it all depends on the fraud machine working again. And that has been compromised to some degree by election reforms in a few states, minor as they have been, and the general attitude of the electorate. The handful that are not worse off than they were in 2020 are already in the bag. Which is why I am one of the ones that believes the regime has something really desperate and almost certainly involving a false flag incident.

Any large and powerful animal brought to bay is dangerous. A wounded animal, desperate and angry is even more so. In this case the animal is a socio-political animal created by a committee and an extemporized committee at that. The various groups (Jew-haters, white haters, anarchists and others general malcontents) will flail and thrash around and do a lot of damage that turns even more public sentiment against the regime.

There seems to have been another sudden death caused by possessing inconvenient truths. Sadly these get zero attention from the 'news' media. I suppose if a million or three vax deaths don't register the occasional assassination - even in broad daylight - isn't going to. The sheeple graze on even as the grass is becoming harder to find.

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Charlotte shooting: 3 US Marshals Fugitive Task Force members killed, 5 other officers injured serving warrant
Charlotte Police said two shooters may have been involved as they question two persons of interest
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Just Now
Something doesn't smell right. I wonder if this was an assassination attempt like the one in Little Rock where ATF agents gunned down a Little Rock airport manager in a no-knock pre-dawn raid. Maybe this dude was prepared. Anyway they'll probably label him a white supremacist of sovereign citizen or something similar.
6 minutes ago
Really speaks volumes about the Woke democrat mentality that the "progressives" are defending the Cop Killers and celebrating the LEO's deaths....
There is NOTHING that Woke democrats enjoy more than dancing on the graves of DEAD Law Enforcement Officers....
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8 minutes ago
This incident makes no tactical sense. Maybe further details will be enlightening, but there has to be some type ambush involved. In any regard, planning and execution of the raid is suspect.

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