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Sun 05 May 2024 12:56:32 PM CDT : 1714931792

Dim tools

Not that it will matter in the end but Fat Alvin's kangaroo court is looking so ridiculous that if it were possible for commies to die of embarrassment one surely would have by now. Unless one of the jurors has a shred of conscience and self-respect that can overcome the fear of consequences of voting not guilty he will surely get his verdict for all the good it will do. If Trump doesn't win so big - possibly flipping a blue state or two - that the fraud and after-elections shenanigans can't prevent him from taking office then all is truly lost. KaliforniaDreamin observed:

To be sure not one of them has an above-average IQ, even by a couple of points. The NY case seems to be the only one that will see a conclusion so all the dim hopes are on it. If Trump should lose we'll have bigger things to worry about but Ms. Hicks (who IS startlingly beautiful) should be prepared to be indicted for perjury

Speaking of dim tools, one of the luckiest guys who ever lived tried to help Joetato out. Had he not been cast in Star Wars he would have almost certainly faded into well-deserved obscurity long ago. Ford did exploit the opportunity (well, Spielberg helped with that) and had a pretty successful 'serious' career. I think the other one died or something, ya know, the one in the white dress. Asked to comment Yoda replied: "Embarrassed for him I am."

De Niro (I seem to remember seeing him doing a pretty good job in some film or other) shot off his mouth on MSLSD and was demolished by Elon Musk. C'mon Elon, it's not sporting to engage in a battle wits with an unarmed adversary. And De Niro and Hamill are definitely unarmed intellectually.

I suppose if a Trump win seems inevitable they'll promise to leave the country again. Promise again, not leave again seeing has how they didn't do it all the other times they promised.

Text in images

ANTISEMITISM EXPOSED Where is Shafik? Columbia University president keeps low profile, fights to keep job amid campus antisemitism Nemat Minouche Shafik faces pressure from multiple fronts amid anti-Israel activism on campus hypcryme H What do you think? Sort by Newest H hypcryme Just Now ... 14 People typing ↓ View 10 new comments Shafik was born in Alexandria, Egypt, to Muslim parents. All you need to know but read the Wickedpedia article to see what tool this creature is. Reply 凸中 Share V K vonstroheim837 2 minutes ago Where is Shafik? Columbia University president keeps low profile, fights to keep job amid campus antisemitism. This woman should be gone by noontime today! Reply B Share kathy126 3 minutes ago born in Egypt, worked for the world bank, was on the board of trustees of the gates foundation, published books on gender studies, etc., just those few things shows where she stands and it's not for America Reply 51 " Share mr.big97 1 minute ago Why are you guys afraid of people born elsewhere? Reply Share 99+ ...

The sick nature of this and the other anti-Trump lawfare is expressed in this image. A startlingly beautiful young woman in the Trump camp juxtaposed with the moronic visage of Fat Alvin. Like Fat Fanny in Georgia these tools wear their hatred on their faces. Fat Alvin knows that he is a witless tool and is eaten up by the certain knowledge that he is inferior to his targets in every way. Like a dog conditioned to attack on command, even if he succeeds in overcoming the victim he remains a dog.

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