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Saturday 18 May 2024 12:10:21 PM CDT : 1715965821

Streisand effect, again

You'd think they would learn. A football player few people not interested in sports and professional football in particular would have had any idea who Harrison Butker is. Now millions more know and are aware to some degree of the contents of his speech. That's millions that would have remained blissfully ignorant had not the state-run media immediately attacked him. But hatred usually overrides common sense, not that commies have much common sense. If they had kept their big mouths shut it would have passed unnoticed.

This just in: the most recent - or was it the one before that - Boeing whistleblower whacked by the cabal has had his case whitewashed and closed. The official story is that he locked himself in his truck and put a suicide note on the seat and shot himself in the head. Got it. And if you believe that you believe the Tooth Fairy is Santa Claus's daughter. The sheeple continue to graze placidly.

It was just a matter of time.

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qo # Trump trial truths: 3 reasons why jury might acquit # president. They are being played as chumps # The judge has allowed this dangerously undefined case to proceed without demanding greater clarity from the # prosecution # Sort by Newest v # H hypcryme # * Just Now # This started out being ridiculous and has become such a travesty that one or two juror might - just might ~ # be embarrassed to consider conviction. Not holding my breath but if it ended in a mistrial the look on Fat # Alvin's face would be priceless. # Reply iy GP - Share # cinortyek589 # 3 minutes ago # The only way this judge can save any face and retain a nano-shred of credibility in this corrupt debacle is, # to order a directed verdict. Then Alvin Bragg needs to be disbarred. # Reply iy GP - Share # E eestraycat # 32 minutes ago # The leftists are shooting for a mistrial so they can tie Trump up even longer with another sham trial. # BTW, apparently Bragg has yet to articulate exactly what the felony is that Trump is accused of # committing, and the trial is almost over. # Reply iy GP - Share

Wed 18 May 2024 12:20:34 PM CDT : 1715793634
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