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Thu 23 May 2024 11:27:03 AM CDT : 1716481623

Another day...

...another what? Trump trial clown show? Nah, that seems to be about over as they wait for the judge to tell the jury to find him guilty. Meanwhile Trump will make heads explode all over NYC with a visit to the Bronx today. Some are saying he might actually flip New York which would be an order of magnitude beyond hilfreakinglarious. If that actually happens the upset will be so big that all the fraud the dims can pull won't be near enough. Will the cabal really do the unthinkable? Trying to predict that is about like trying to say how the election will go, waitasec...

I agree with Kali, do they do it after the nomination so the veep nominee will presumably be elevated to the candidate? If they let the election proceed with Trump then the only option is doing it before the inauguration. If the veep ascends - or whoever it is - it would be a weaker prez than Trump. OK, if Trump picked DeSantis or Cruz or someone like that they might be able to pull off what is needed to at least delay the fall for another few years - but generally if they prevent Trump from assuming office that would satisfy them. They could see another chance in four years, which they can with Trump but Trump terrifies them. Doing it after he takes office would have the same effect. But as to whether they will try it I have very little doubt. No point in trying to prognosticate the effect of a guilty verdict. The easiest way out for the dims would be the almost inconceivable acquittal or better the now just barely possible mistrial.

For what it's worth seeing some dim scum get even a little justice is satisfying in some measure. Never mind for now that the pardon will almost certainly be granted after the election. So this piece of human debris will probably never see the inside of a prison. Fortunately the cops she tried to get into prison on bogus charges were freed by a jury that was not owned by her masters. Looking at the smug faces of her ilk as they do the bidding of the dark lords makes one almost wish for the French Revolution 2.0 solution to our problems. But only almost, the emotions that launch those revolts are not assuaged by the blood of the few guilty and ultimately the satisfaction of seeing the few truly evil paying up is overcome by the horror of the uncontrollable monster that follows.

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New Yorkers divided on Trump trial, rip political nature of case: Pathetic to even watch Sara Carter spoke with New Yorkers about their take on Trump's criminal trial in a Hannity exclusive boonta 4 minutes ago Prediction: Trump will be acquitted, and he'll get a 10% boost in the polls, and itll be Trump 58%, Biden 42%. Dear Democrats: You're about to find out what it looks like when something backfires on you. (Edited) Reply 3 Share H hypcryme Just Now Nuremberg 2.0 (the regime goons starting with Fat Alvin) beginning in late February, Nuremberg 3.0 (the Plandemic starrring Fauci) begins by April. Final appeals and execution of sentences begin first of 2026. Like it Reply dy G? - Share Pp proudvetami 9 minutes ago These same people who hate Trump probably are for the pro Palestinian, Hamas illegal protests. That's why Trump will likely win this election, there are too many loons on the left Most progressive democrats really believe a male can become pregnant . The most basic of truths they disbelieve Reply dl 1 Share v_ Vaccine-Booster-4-Democrat-Virus 9 minutes ago I've always supported Trump, more now than ever and even | originally thought Trump might have had consensually slept her. However, | wasn't mad, | was like "Go Trump, the real SETENIEETE=!!", but this trial has convinced me never did anything with heri! Just straight up extortio Reply dl 3 4!3 - Share

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