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The tools get taken care of no matter what. Joe or Jane Sixpack would be a couple of years into a prison sentence by now but this piece of excrement... why bother commenting?

Yeah. I live near Memphis, fortunately there is a wide river between us but that sixty or so miles doesn't seem like much when I see the way the rot has spilled out into the surrounding area. Even small towns of under 5K are getting it. This isn't the crime page of the TV station website, it's the main page:

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Iran's president, foreign minister, other officials confirmed dead in helicopter crash There was no immediate cause for the crash, but the helicopter had to make a hard landing on Sunday, state media reported H eee 37 People typing | View 28 new comments hypcryme Just Now Clown world goes 1 for 3. Congo fail, Slovakia fail, Iran success. That's presuming Iran was planned as a setup for extricating the US/NATO cabal from the Ukrainian mess and not just an accident or internal conflict. Reply - GP - Share JB217090 2 minutes ago Allah akbar Reply - GP - Share hometheaterguy 2 minutes ago And three people in Iran wept for their deaths. Reply - GP - Share Justwondering938 2 minutes ago Satan was waiting Reply x) GP Share

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