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Wed 29 May 2024 12:21:13 PM CDT : 1717003273

What do they call the jurors...

in a kangaroo court? Wallabies? Anyway the final phase is underway and it's just a matter of how firm the fix is. A conviction seems the only likely outcome but it would be hilarious if it ended with a hung jury. The game would be over at that point as they won't be able to get another case going before November. I confess seeing Fat Alvin's expression would be hilarious, not that I can behold that visage again without hurling.

Since a failure to convict would end the fun what do Merchan's masters tell him to do next? Incarcerate Trump? Trump probably wishes he would since continuing the circus is good for him. He had the opportunity - had he been allowed - to dispose of it and get the whole mess out of New York but now he's stuck with it.

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Phantasm Lord of the Dead 23 minutes ago Five hours of jury instructions? Made me think of Clarence Darrow throwing shit at the wall for twelve hours in defense of the wealthy privileged thrill- Killers Leopold and Loeb. JMNSHO. For every action there is a reaction, for every good an evil, for every strength a weakness, and for every injustice there is somewhere a final justice. ~ Mack Bolan Chemical Youth 19 minutes ago And you thought Darrow was the most morally and intellectually diseased. Darrow probably actually believed that garbage - some of it anyway - but Merchan is a tool pure and simple. Some people are like Slinkies - not really good for anything, but you still can't help but smile when you see one tumble down the stairs. KaliforniaDreamin 9 minutes ago how Beria got his. Merchan = Lavrentiy Beria. Once in a while just for fun I read the account of Life is a lemon and I want my money back. - Meat Loaf
General Hospital actor Johnny Wactor's ex-fiancée pleads for officials to make changes after star's murder The General Hospital actor was fatally shot on Sunday morning in Los Angeles hypcryme BS H) What do you think? Sort by Newest eee Person typing | View 3 new comments H) hypcryme Just Now ...we have to be smarter as a community. We have to stop being so mean to each other. Let's love each other, let's not steal. Hey cupcake, there are a lot of people who are going to be mean to you, they don't love, you, they're gonna steal from you and kill you unless the decent people do something about them. And nothing is being done in the cesspool you live in and nothing has been done for a long time. You think asking people to be nice is gonna work? Reply iy GP - Share mM matthole2.4 7 minutes ago Progressiveness seems backwards to people with a brain. Liberal policies don't work !!! Reply . 1 GP? - Share F) Fair910 12 minutes ago Don't come to California, don't live here, it's not safe, no one will protect and you won't get any type of justice, be very careful where you choose to vacation anywhere but here, I'm sorry for your loss, another tragic California story thanks SO much Gov.. Newscum, hes the gift that keeps on giving! Trump 2024 = Reply 2G? - Share jascrooge 415 minutes ago I don't mean to sound cold but his vote had consequences that affected him directly. Wake up people! Reply . 1 GP? - Share

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