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Sun 02 Jun 2024 10:26:03 PM CDT : 1717385163

This just....

Does what it does to any sane and decent person. Who the fuck.... ah nevermind. The coming collapse can't come soon enough for me. It'll be bad and no two ways about it, except maybe in how many ways it can be bad. This came off Yahoo but it's all over:

Taisha Simon had heard of people stealing money the federal government gives families to buy groceries, but she didn't realize she would become one of their victims. It happened last June when the 42-year-old mother headed out for the big shop she does at the beginning of each month after getting $939 in US food aid for her and her four children. Her vulnerability, as it turns out, was a plastic, government-provided debit card that relies on outdated technology. The government uses Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) cards to issue food and cash assistance, and cardholders use them. When Simon checked out at her local Aldi's, her cart full of canned food and vegetables, nothing was left on her card. She paid for what she could out of pocket, but that fell far short of what her family needed.

"I cried every day because my 5-year-old has autism and my 17-year-old has ADHD and ODD and they have food sensitivity," said Simon, who works as an assistant manager at a retail store. "I wasn't able to feed them the way they were normal

OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA - DECEMBER 04: A sign noting the acceptance of electronic benefit transfer (EBT) cards that are used by state welfare departments to issue benefits is displayed at a grocery store on December 04, 2019 in Oakland, Calif benefits after the Trump administration announced plans to reform the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or SNAP. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Nine hundred bucks for food for a family of five? And she has a job, which is unusual for parasites, so she's getting enough for working people to feed twice that many - after they pay the taxes to feed people like her. ADHD, ODD, and fucking food-sensitivity? Yeah, right. One of these days the money won't be there and much as I hate what else will happen seeing the denizens of these cesspools when the food stops will provide some amusement. And I'm not the only one pissed - the reaction to Trump's kangaroo court trial has been even huger than anyone expected.

Yeah, but first he has to get elected - probably a sure thing if he's still breathing - and then survive. I suspect that somewhere a John Warnock Hinckley or Lee Harvey Oswald type - probably more than one - are being prepared.

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Text in images

Trump lays out his revenge strategy after conviction makes him a felon Trump insisted 'bad people opposing him would be going after somebody else if it weren't him A) Adlibber 6 minutes ago A Presidential candidate seeking revenge, not a good thing 2 do 22? Reply - 1 G83 - Share H hypcryme 18 seconds ago A very good thing in this case. Revenge starts 21 January 2025. Fat Alvin and Fat Fanny off to the gulag where they'll lose some weight, Judge Merchant life without parole, jurors get 15-30 with minimum 50% before being eligible for parole. What next? Nuremberg 2.0 (Plandemic) 3.0 for major Dimocrat perps (congresscritters) 4.0 for state-run media... seems like a good start. Reply Share L__ lifeabovethefoothills 4 minutes ago Try reading the article next time. Trump 2024. Reply - N) nativetexungs4 3 minutes ago Tell the to Churchill Reply Share @ zekao1s 3 minutes ago Don't misquote people. Reply Share jarhead1029749 3 minutes ago Revenge is winning on Nov Sth." Donald Trump. My personal revenge would be deporting every DemocRAT in the country but I'm not Trump. Reply Share =========================================================================== KaliforniaDreamin 29 minutes ago I suspect that alphabet soup of 'disabilities' pads that EBT account some. Must be nice, I sure hope Trump does come back and fix things. SNAP, HUD, Medicaid - ninety percent of the debt is these parasite-feeding programs. Life is a lemon and I want my money back. - Meat Loaf Jessica Atreides Marshall 20 minutes ago If something isn't done it's going to be ugly. Trump - if he survives - will at best hold back the darkness for four years. Unless he substantially winnows the assailants he will be succeeded by another demonrat and it starts again. And this time they'll do a much more thourough job - a couple thousand in the gulags now will be joined by tens of thousands. FBI/ATF raids shooting people willy-nilly will be so common no notices. Hell, no one is paying attention now. We have entered the time when all will turn against us and seek our lives. Prime Chuck Norris 11 minutes ago If it lasts long enough that they start cutting SS and Medicare while leaving the 'social spending'untouched or even increasing it watch out. Not that all those old people are going to revolt but it will be at the breaking point. Shortly after the money to the homo parasitis gets cut. Think they're mad now, just wait. When I want your opinion, I'll beat it out of you.

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