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Reverse kangaroo

I suppose Kangaroo courts do work in reverse. I have actually seen something similar done for the right reasons. Occasionally a US military man at a foreign duty station got into a bad situation with a native - the two I was familiar with were in Germany and the UK. A local was shot and killed by a military security person, in both cases on a base with nuclear weapons and there was absolutely no fooling around. In each case the military guy was quickly subjected to a court-martial and acquitted before being shipped back to the states. It made sense and was the right thing to do.

What the regime is doing is something similar for the wrong reasons. I presumed it would happen and like Kali figure they're rubbing it in. They could have simply postponed the trial - if another attempt to drop it failed - until after the election. Hell, Joetato could just go ahead and pardon him now and it wouldn't make any difference in the election.

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Text in images

==================================================================================================== Some former Never Trump voters now say they're backing GOP nominee after his conviction Im all in with the MAGA people, because this has to end. a former Clinton voter told The Free Press donefp 7 minutes ago He had an affair with a porn star. Is that any worse than anything Clinton (both of them), Obama, or Biden have done??_ If you think Trump is so bad then consider the alternative. Reply - Share H)hypcryme Just Now Having people killed - Clintons. Continuing affairs from the bathhouse days (ovomit). Selling the country to Russia/China (Joetato). To be fair China and Russia are playing the role of good guys these days as the US/Euro cabal is going down in flames. | know some leftard just won't be able to resist a reply even knowing | don't have the time or inclination to read them. | spend maybe ten to fifteen minutes a day coming here to educate the unwashed and raise the level of discourse. Seeya. Reply iy GP - Share w _ weknowbetter286 7 minutes ago I've never seen this nation so mad. Since when do we accept Tyranny? Like Trump or not, Tyranny isn't the answer. All this does is show how right Trump has been. Reply fy 3 G2 Share %_loveofthecommonman 5 minutes ago Trump exposed the Swamp in the first place. One of his greatest legacies in my opinion. Reply 2 GP1 - Share ==================================================================================================== KaliforniaDreamin 42 minutes ago There are two kinds of show trials (1) convict an innocent person of a non- existent crime - Donald Trump - and (2) acquit an incontrovertibly guilty person - Hunter Biden - of numerous crimes. Then they say See, Hunter Biden was innocent. Reply - le 3 G2. Share Life is a lemon and I want my money back. ~- Meat Loaf Jessica Atreides Marshall 37 minutes ago Exactly. And the sheeple placidly graze on. Reply - lel GP Share We have entered the time when all will turn against us and seek our lives. Prime Chuck Norris 24 minutes ago If we could ever get some red states prosecutors to indict some of these criminals, how would you get them into their jurisdiction? Fat Alvin and Fat Fanny never being able to travel to certain states without being arrested is small comfort. Reply GP. Share When I want your opinion, I'll beat it out of you. DePloraBelle 14 minutes ago People are so fucking stupid and cowardly. What will it take to wake them up? Reply db GP. Share What difference, at this point, does it make? ====================================================================================================

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