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It was a small victory but that's what big ones are made of. Sadly the IDF lost a good man and several of the hostages were killed by their captors, but what were the Israelis supposed to do - wait until they were all dead? The state-run media of course reported innocent Palestinians were killed. There no innocent Palestinians because there is no such thing as a Palestinian and the people occupying that place are all terrorists, end of story.

At any rate the terrorists report losing 270 or so while Israel reports 100. Since the muslims always lie that is most likely false. Meanwhile war in Europe seems closer although the elections this week may slow it some. Seeing Macron go will help a lot, seeing Trump assume the presidency in January will be even better.

As for non-combatants killed only chilren as yet physically unable to bear arms are non-combatants - their blood is on the heads of those responsible for them. The Israelis killed in the initial attack and the hostages who have since died are completely innocent - the 'palestinians' are the exact opposite.

Beats me. Kind of like K-Pop groups. Why does everyone want to look like us? Hmmmm...

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Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg agrees to testify in House GOP probe, but not on their timetable DA Bragg's office said the House Judiciary Committee's request that Bragg testify on June 13 won't work H What do you think? Ge Sort by Newest » ©© 9 People typing | | View 27 new comments An H hypcryme Just Now Somewhere in that tiny brain Fat Alvin (like Fat Fanny in Jawjuh) knows that itis in every possible way l inferior to the people it attacks - low intelligence and lower character. That is why they are eaten up with hatred, Reply » dy GB. Share CorruptChinaBiden 2 minutes ago Didn't know it was a choice!! Get your sorry corrupt there no\ Reply © 1 GP - Share 1 liberaldefender 3 minutes ago Bragg should refuse and then just ignore his eventual subpoena..... just ike Jim keeps doing ro a = Reply » iy GP - Share
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