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One more day

A White House aide from the Trump administration admitted, actually boasted, that she actively circumvented the former President's efforts to keep the primary architect of the covid conspiracy off television. Whether or not it could have been stopped, and how, I have no idea. So determined was the cabal with preventing Trump from being reelected that if the covid strategy hadn't worked, something worse might have been tried. She is by no means the only infiltrator, there simply was and is no way to neutralize the Deep State through the normal political process, so completely compromised it is.

Vox Day suggested today that "Americans are the only party that can save the USA from Clown World. "The Sino-Russian alliance can, and will, resist the US military, but it is not strong enough to liberate the USA the way it can, and will, liberate Asia and Europe" and noted that "I think the system will begin the process of its own demise by undermining its own foundations. The imperial collapse will inevitably come, which is why Americans need to be ready to reassert their right to rule in their own country, even if that is no longer the geographic totality of the current political entity."

I have suspected for quite a while now that the geographic reconfiguration is likely. As the Russian guy remarked a couple of days ago.

In other news, or non-news since information from the Vatican is probably more tightly controlled than any other government, the official narrative is being reported. Yes, the Vatican is a nation-state, controlling or influencing to a greater or lesser degree the behavior of about, well call it 15% of the world population. The 95-year-old ex-Pope is apparently about to "complete his journey" as the Vatican mouthpiece put it. Each new pope, probably since John-Paul-2, I suppose, has been discussed as a sign of the end times. Nostradamus is generally invoked as well. Probably a pope who resigned (or whatever a pope quitting is called) doesn't merit the same attention. It did at the time though. John-Paul-2 reigned for just over a quarter-century, and his successor, Benedict-16, for some reason resigned (or whatever they call it) after a few years. That got some talk going among the eschatologists, and the replacement has been the subject of considerable discussion the near-decade he has been in place.

The Logan's Run styling is an inside joke, happy New Year guys and gals. Seeya in a few days.

I grew up in a fundamentalist environment, and the end was always just around the bend, or over the next hill, or somewhere. The works of Estus W. Pirkle and others were distributed on vinyl 33.333...sand later cassette tapes. Maybe VHS. I don't see any sign of them making it in to the CD age. In any case, no man knows the time.

And indeed no man does. The wise man prepares and watches, knowing that he does not know how it will go until it happens.

I do believe that some major changes will occur in the next few years. Some of them, obviously, are in progress. The demonic assault on the remains of the Republic, both political and societal, are vicious and unrelenting. Some, probably many, of the aforementioned eschatologists believe that the U.S.A. does not have a major part in the events of the end of the age, either because it no longer exists or has become an insignificant player.

The two phenomena I see that indicate a possible revival - whether of the entire country or a part of it - are the appearances of such players as Donald Trump and recently Elon Musk. Trump seems to have yet some part to play, so unprecedented and improbably was his election and the seeming inability of the regime to neutralize him. That is mostly through ineptitude and some modicum of fear, uncertainty, and doubt, but it remains a factor. Musk is another creature entirely. He is sufficiently wealthy as to be untouchable - the only avenues of attack are criminal prosecution, which he can ignore by remaining out of reach (Trump cannot if he wishes to continue a political career) and operating outside the borders, and outright assassination. I don't put it past the enemy to try it, but he is smart enough and wealthy enough to avoid it. And again, trepidation on the part of the enemy makes them less likely to try, while incompetence makes them less likely to succeed.

I don't know what this is, just stumbled across it while doing some research. May be interesting.

Text in the pics:

'The enemy is within the gates; it is with our own luxury, our own folly, our own criminality that we have to contend.'

Marcus Tullius Cicero

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