Slow Friday

Aside from Joetato dropping secrets in an interview on the Commie News Network, not much of note. There was the indie movie that more people saw than the (hopefully) final Indiana Jones movie. That the stock of artillery shells in the U.S. has been seriously depleted by sending them to Ukraine has been known for some time. To those of us who consume actual news instead of what is dispensed by the alphabet networks. Of course not many noticed as it was on CNN. So after saying a year ago that using cluster munitions in Ukraine could be considered a war crime, they're going to send some.

One of the Manson Family is finally getting out of prison after what, about fifty years? Haven't kept track of the others, of course Charlie died some years back. Should they let her go? She's seventy-something, dumb kid on drugs when she did it. Anybody should do life it's Henry Ruggs, or Anthony Fauci. But so many mass killings during the Plandemic, have to build some prisons.  Repurposing the Jan 6 gulags would provide some space, but probably not enough. 

For this killer it just gets better. The Theranos fraud was big, and no way to know how many deaths it caused. Under ten years for that, ole Henry still got off better I guess, but we're in the time when evil is good and good is evil, to those in charge.

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  I stopped at the psychic tent at the carnival. Asked if she could contact Andy Warhol. He said that due to overuse the fame limit is now down to 7 minutes. And tell Will Smith there are no renewals. Quiescent Benevolence 1649447142

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